Technical Error Correction Collective


Technical Error Correction Collective aims to fact-check media claims about technology, writ large. There is plenty of misinformation in that space, some of it caused by complexity of the subject matter and honest misunderstandings, some due to conspiracy theories, snake-oil salesmanship, or outright deliberate disinformation.

There are also certain claims about technology that had been around for quite a long while, recognized as false by the tech community in general, with that recognition not filtering through into the mainstream. We would also like to bridge that gap too.

Who We Are

About the site

Site’s theme is based on the Contrast theme. Our logo was designed by Natalia Vish, and depicts a giant anteater. We feel this is relevant, because anteaters eat bugs.


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When publishing derivative works of our content (that is, if you modified it in any way) we request you make it unambiguously clear that the work is derivative and does not reflect the views of TECC.

This license is non-exclusive. If it does not suit your needs, please reach out to us: we are more than happy to discuss an individual licensing arrangement.


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